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Making History Come Alive

Explore the features of VR SightSeer, from the current version to the future version, and discover how we use AI to enhance the tour experience to the next level.

AI technology in "VR Sightseer" can enhance the historical learning experience by creating highly detailed and accurate virtual environments, interactive narratives, AI-powered historical characters and providing players with interactive tours and virtual assistants. AI-powered language translation and virtual reality guides can make the game more accessible to players from all over the world. AI technology can make history come alive and make the learning experience more engaging and educational for players.



Current Version

VR SightSeer Classic

  • Fully immersive and interactive virtual reality experience

  • Access to a select number of historical sites

  • Option to purchase additional sites as in-app purchases

  • Guided tours and interactive elements

  • Support for VR glasses

Future of VR SightSeer

All of these options and features will be designed to make the game even more immersive and interactive, allowing players to learn more about historical sites and the time periods in which they were built. The AI technology will help the players to have an extra detailed and accurate experience of the historical sites and will make the game even more engaging and educational. And we will bring more!

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